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RE: What does TODAY Mean to YOU?" - Win 🏅 upvotes, SBD, Steem, TRX, and more... #ccc 4.16

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Latest UPDATES on Rewards Rules:

1. - Due to the lack of new members and entries from them, the accumulated rewards will be shared based on participation and earnings from this account (which is not much to begin with) mostly (~ 80% of total accumulated).

2. - Distribution of the rewards will be mid-November, Monday or Tuesday, (so that the rewards can be used for Christmas).

3. - Participation within the three weeks prior to mid-November is required to win / receive the rewards distribution - the notification will be on your last submission comment during the three weeks prior.

4. - ANY comments, complaints, or suggestions must be posted in this post for a reply.

Current account balance: 122 SBD, 446 TRX, 444 STEEM, 451 TRX, and 9,300 SP (which can be partially converted to STEEM for rewards by powering down). 1/2 of the previous earnings in @team-ccc will go to @wakeupkitty who has helped keeping @team-ccc and #ccc operating while I have been absent. The remaining 1/2 will be transferred back to this account and could be used for rewards.


Thank you very much for the update and generosity. Will you stop with the account @team-ccc?

Will you stop with the account @team-ccc?

I don't know ...

It looks like that you are the only one left or care to respond ...

Please see my other reply.

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