¡Hola @freedomshift! ¿Que tengo que hacer para promocionar mi publicación? No entiendo mucho, pero quiero aprender, un abrazo.

¡Mira Promociona tus publicaciones con el token de motor de cristales de energía oscura! - @steemmonsters (74)

There are many steps in this process and is in details with examples in my post -

1 - get DEC by earning or trading to start
2 - install the steem keychain to simplify
3 - access DEC, STEEM, and other tokens on
4 - send DEC (minimum 100 DEC or about $0.10) to splinterlands with the url that you want to promote

your wallet is

Gracias amigo, no esta nada facil,un abrazo apreciado @freedomshift

it's not difficult once you have taken the steps individually:

  • trade SBD for STEEM
  • install key chain wallet
  • check out steem-engine
  • deposit STEEM into steem-engine
  • trade STEEM for DEC

Once you have the DEC, sending DEC to @splinterlands is simple and easy if you use the key chain.

If you like, you can bypass the trading part and I can send you some DEC, then you'll only need to:

  • install the STEEM key chain
  • send at least 100 DEC to @splinterlands with the URL of the post to promote

I just sent you some DEC:

check your wallet:

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