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Personal experience with lost and confused travellers has made the idea of coolcousin one worth being taken seriously. Especially in our present world, travellers assumes that google map is sufficient enough to make their travelling experience an amazing feet to be achieved. But the idea of having a physical human serving as your travelling agent is more exciting.

Coolcousin, comes with more experiences that suits every personality, and willing to serve to your satisfaction. CoolCousin is known to be a decentralized ecosystem that connects travellers with the well informed locals of their destination. It makes your travelling experience exquisite and memorable. I know you must be wondering how this will be achieved, but an experience with them will be convincing enough.

With coolcousin, it is easier for a traveller or user to locate another cousin with similar interest and is willing to act as a tourist agent. Every user’s interest is protected on coolcousin, every cousins has a comprehensive profile which a user only needs to scroll through and and select a cousin that has similar interest with him or her, the platform also creates an avenue which supports personal relationships with both the user and the cousin, this makes it easier for both users to interact through direct messages and more trust and assurance is being built through this avenue.

Visiting a complete strange environment could be stressful and breath taking, so with the guidance of a cousin, your holiday would be made more exquisite. Imagine visiting a state in Nigeria and i am your cousin...wooooow, the adventure will be great and i’ll introduce you to a lot of fun places.

First, I will make sure you visit your resting place which will be the exquisite Le meridien Hotel and golf resort.

I will introduce some beautiful Nigerian dishes too and it wouldn't be a bad idea to visit the popular Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom state.

Every traveller longs for that amazing trip and a story to tell and coolcousin is all a traveller needs to get the better feeling.

The community makes itself assessable for mutiple category of users.

Cousins are the Local originals of the heart of the region you’ll be visiting , they provide you with every information about the locality. But before that, details about the cousin will be made possible,accompanied with a map that directs to favourite location of the cousin.

Travellers or users on coolcousin are the priority. Every user is looked forward to be satisfied and to have a need of patronising the community when next he embarks on a trip to an unfamiliar location.

This is the 3rd category of users on coolcousin, the platform makes it easier and affordable for business owners to manage their contents on the website using the cousin’s go-to spot.


The Cool Cousin ecosystem is powered by CUZ tokens. The CUZ tokens will enable use of in-app services on the platform. This includes and is not limited to tipping Cousins and getting detailed information.

Their utility does not stop there. CUZ will grow in utility together with the platform as businesses join Cool Cousin and third party services such as restaurants, bars and events are offered at a discounted rate.

Why introduce the blockchain into the community? Blockchain has served as the fastest moving train in the world, introducing it into the community will add up to it’s efficiency.

First, Every Cousin in the community will be rewarded through CUZ token,as such using the blockchain has made it possible for every effort put into the community to be rewarded accordingly, no individual will be paid less or not being paid for services rendered.

Second, the blockchain remains a fast and reliable way to make reward for every user without delay and complications, every Cousin and User gets their reward almost instantly,incorporating the international users and cousins too.

Every user and cousin gets rewarded for their contribution into the the community through the CUZ token.Travellers which are the community users and the list expected category to ne rewarded are rewarded. How are theses users rewarded?, through pointing out lapses and inaccuracies in the system and also through reviewing their relationship with the cousins, this earns them some CUZ tokens, also through rating the quality of cousins recommended.


Cool cousin is not a prototype in the making. They have a fully functioning platform that will now integrate blockchain technology.

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