The best way to watch CBS All Access on Chromecast overseas

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Are you looking for a way to watch CBS All Access on your Chromecast overseas? It can be done, and it ain’t that hard. This is how it can be done!

I recently wanted to watch CBS on my Chromecast and wondered if it would work or not. I had my Chromecast setup with a WiFi connection in the flat and on my router providing the WiFi signal I had the SmartDNS services of Unlocator setup. I had a feeling that this might work for the purpose of watching CBS All Access on my Chromecast abroad, but I wasn’t sure. So, did it work? Did I succeed? Yes!

This is how you can watch CBS All Access on your Chromecast abroad.

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Watch CBS on your Chromecast, also when abroad.

Watch CBS All Access on Chromecast abroad

Would you like to do like me and watch CBS All Access on your Google Chromecast while outside the USA? It is quite easy, but at the same time a little bit hard. Since you can not setup your Chromecast manually, you will have to make the settings change on your router directly. You will, in other words, need to have access to your router. This is normally very easy and you can find the needed information on your router directly or in the manual you got with the router. If not you can also contact Unlocator and follow their setup manuals for how this can be done.

To watch CBS All Access on Chromecast overseas you will need to visit the Unlocator website first. Press the button above and sign up by giving your email address. Once you have signed up you can follow their manuals on how to setup Unlocator on your router. Once this has been setup make sure to connect your Chromecast to the WiFi network provided by the router and once connected you should be ready to go.

You will, of course, need to have your phone or tablet connected to the same network. You can then decide to Cast your screen to the Chromecast and you can watch CBS All Access from abroad right away.

If you have trouble with these instructions use the comment field beneath. For those with further questions related to CBS All Access (how to sign up from abroad, how to watch CBS All Access in Windows and more), visit for lots of articles, news, and instructions.

If you have your router ready you can also use these instructions to access and watch Hulu on your Chromecast abroad, NBC on your Chromecast abroad and much more! Have fun!

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