Quick Guide to Buying Your First CBD Vape Pen Cartridge

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The popularity of CBD has led to the introduction of a wide spectrum of products, each designed to meet specific user needs. Vaping is increasingly becoming popular, replacing the conventional smoking. One of the most important devices you need to enjoy vaping is the CBD vape pen cartridge, which simply works like e-cigars. Most of these gadgets come in various styles, functionalities and even use. For first-timers, using a vape pen can be intimidating. A quick glance on any website selling these and other CBD products is likely to send you into confusion because of the large collection available at the moment. To help you make the right choice and fast, here is a quick guide during your first purchase.

The Material: The choice of the vaping content is very important, in this case should be CBD concentrates. There are other dry materials that you can use but the best pens should be able to handle at least more than one vaping material. This way, you will be left with possible choices, just in case one of them is not available when you need it most. There are some that work with e-liquids, but require a heating system. For concentrates, buy a vape pen with a chamber as opposed to a tank. Always consider the ease of cleaning the chamber because burning concentrates is likely to leave some residues or stains that should be removed as regularly as possible.

Method of heating: Typically, when you heat the chambers, the vaping material doesn’t get into any contact with the element used for heating. However, this is not the fastest method of heating the material in as much as it protects against excessive combustion, which reduces wastage. CBD vape pen cartridges that use convection as opposed to their conduction counterparts are however more expensive. This is because in conduction, there is direct contact between the CBD concentrate and the heating element. It is fast, and you can start vaping immediately. It however results in excessive combustion that may result in up to 30% wastage of the vaping material. These pens are however cheaper and easily available. The last method is induction which is heating via magnetic fields. These type of vape pens are however not as popular as the first two methods.

Battery life: One of the shortcomings of vaping over other products such as CBD topical is not only the need for specialized devices, but also the fact they also rely on batteries. With topicals such as lotions and creams, you simply apply on the skin surface and the CBD will be absorbed into the skin. It is therefore important to buy the best batteries that can go for days. However, this might mean that you find a pen with a bigger body. This may not suit those who prefer smaller vape pens, which can remain concealed in public. Note that the battery life also depends on a myriad of other factors, especially your vaping frequency.

The functionality: Another factor that keeps people off vaping is the fact that they need to understand how to use vape pens. It takes training and time before you can comfortably use these devices. This is not the case with products such as CBD coffee that is not any different from the normal coffee. In fact, coffee is faster and doesn’t require specialized skills; all you need is some hot water or milk and a sweetener. How user-friendly is the CBD vape pen? For a start, go for simple devices that simply require you to add the CBD concentrate, hit the button and you are vaping away. There are some pre-set pens, complete with temperature control and a number of pre-sets. Note that the more the functionalities and extra a vape pen has, the higher the price.

Price factor: While it is not always recommended to peg your shopping on the price factor, it is very important to consider your budget. You may want a vape pen with as many capabilities as possible, but your wallet cannot allow. For first timers, it is safer to go for the most basic that guarantees value for your money. Initially, buy CBD vape pen cartridge to get a feel of vaping, then as you get accustomed to the exercise, you can then opt to invest in more complicated and expensive vape pens. Technology is fast changing, and different designs of these devices are hitting the market regularly. It is only a matter of time before more sophisticated but affordable products hit the market.


The above factors may apply for CBD vape pen cartridge, but they can also be relied upon when shopping for any other CBD-infused products such as edibles like CBD coffee and others like CBD topical. While there are many guides online, the most important person to consult is the seller. Conduct your own research before checking these products out online. With that, you will make an informed decision that will go a long way in ensuring that your experience using these products is unmatched.

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