NuLeaf Naturals Review: How I Deal With Chronic Pain

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 Can you really trust a NuLeaf Naturals review that you read online? 

No doubt that before you’ve tried your first CBD (cannabidiol) product, you’ve had your share of reading numerous testimonials online. After all, you’re curious about others’ experiences with CBD.

Well, before you dismiss this as one of those tiresome reviews, please know that I also included some general information about CBD that might help you. Besides, a little more knowledge doesn’t hurt.
My experience with chronic pain and social anxiety might also be familiar to you, so there’s no harm in hearing out my story.

A little background information about me first. I used to be a flight attendant. In one of my flights, a metal rod fell on my shoulder, leading to a torn rotator cuff.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I also had a swollen ligament that put me in so much pain at times. I guess it was also aggravated by helping passengers with their heavy luggage.

I underwent surgery because I couldn’t afford to spend time undergoing therapy. However, it seemed the pain worsened after the surgery. I had to take Celebrex because the pain was unbearable at times.

Well, we know that being dependent on pain relievers is never a good thing. I had to find an alternative.
Didn’t I mention I also had social anxiety after I left my job? Yes, I had that to deal with too.

So, for almost a year I’ve tried a number of CBD formulas to see which one works the best for me. I eventually came across NuLeaf Naturals, and I’ve never switched ever since.

I’m writing this NuLeaf Naturals review in the hopes that I could get you to consider trying out this product too if you haven’t found relief with other brands.

Also, I want to clear up some misconceptions about CBD oil that mostly stem from its association with the marijuana plant. I know that some of you are still in doubt about its safety.

Like many others, I also thought using CBD oil was just an excuse to get “high.” Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

My name is Jean, and I want to share with you my experiences and realizations about NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil. 

My Opinion on NuLeaf Naturals as a Brand

Before I get on with telling you more about the NuLeaf Naturals brand, bear with me for a while as I share a bit of what I’ve learned while doing my research on CBD oil.

For starters, CBD oil that is extracted from the hemp plant is deemed legal for medical use. Oil that is obtained from the marijuana plant is the one that is considered illegal in most states.

CBD is not the compound that gives the “high” feeling. It is the compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD oil from hemp still contains THC, but in very minute amount.

Moreover, CBD lessens the effect of THC. CBD oil that comes from hemp contains more CBD than THC.
Now, as I’ve mentioned, I have already tried other CBD products before I settled on NuLeaf Naturals. If you have ever lurked in forums, surely you have come across this brand countless times.

Of course, it wasn’t enough that their oil worked great for me. I had to know more, especially about where they source their oil, and how it is extracted.

The CBD oil industry is still fairly new, and it is regrettable that there is still no regulation for it. It is up to us to be meticulous in verifying where the oil we use comes from.

I was definitely satisfied with what I’ve read on NuLeaf Naturals’ website. The company stands by its commitment to offer only the purest and highest grade CBD oil. It’s a good start, right?

What’s more, NuLeaf Naturals claims that its hemp plants are grown in Colorado, and are 100% organic. They are free from any additive and preservative, including flavors.

I’ve also discovered that NuLeaf Naturals makes use of the latest CO2 extraction methods. If you are unfamiliar with process, let me just say that this is currently the best method out there.

CO2 extraction doesn’t use heat, so the product is not degraded. No solvents are introduced either, eliminating the possibility of pollutants mixing with the product.

I then realized that this might be one of the main reasons why NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil works great for me. CO2 extraction ensures that the complete spectrum of cannabinoids is retained.

All components that are preserved in the CO2 extraction method contribute to the potency of the CBD oil. It somehow made me feel relieved that the NuLeaf Naturals company practices green extraction methods.

But perhaps I felt the greatest reassurance from the company’s claim that they always have their products verified by a third-party laboratory. This makes sure their oils are free from toxins, and contain the optimal amount of CBD.

Of course, I also realized that NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is a bit pricier than other brands. However, after visiting their website and reading reviews from other users, I understood that their prices indeed reflect their quality.

Their Ingredients

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils have only one ingredient—hemp.

They are proud of their full-spectrum CBD oil. Their products not only contain high concentrations of CBD, but also include helpful cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBDV.

When you have a full-spectrum CBD oil, cannabinoids produce what is known as the entourage effect. This means that you receive the whole and natural state of medical substances.

I cannot mention enough that their extracts are free from other additives and chemicals. Hence, the “Naturals” in their name.

The company also claims to practice sustainable and organic farming practices, which personally makes me feel better about supporting their products.

Why Full Spectrum Extract?

NuLeaf Naturals stand by the effectiveness of a true spectrum cannabinoid extract.

If you visit their website, you can read about the findings of The Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Apparently, a study was done regarding the effectiveness of a whole hemp plant extract.

In comparison with CBD-only solutions, a full spectrum extract is believed to be better in easing pain and inflammation.

Drug Test

Drug tests are usually conducted to find if THC is present. In case you forgot, this compound is present in marijuana, and is identified as its psychoactive ingredient.

NuLeaf Naturals is known for its full spectrum CBD hemp oil. This means that it is unavoidable to have traces of THC in the product.

However, the presence of THC in each NuLeaf Naturals product does not even reach 0.3%. Still, we cannot eliminate the possibility that a drug test will yield a positive result.

Products that come from pure CBD isolate may not be as effective as their full spectrum counterpart, but they do not have THC. Keep this in mind if you want to lower the risk of getting a positive result on a drug test.

I personally haven’t had any experience undergoing a drug test after consuming NuLeaf Naturals, so I cannot give an assurance regarding this aspect.

To be on the safe side, always remember that taking in any CBD oil product carries the risk of having a positive result on a drug test.

Be aware that some drug tests nowadays also look for CBD presence, and not just THC.

Official Company name

NuLeaf Naturals, LLC.

Shipping Policy

The company’s free shipping option promises that the product will reach you in 2 to 3 business days. They have stated that they ship to anywhere in the United States via USPS Priority Mail.

If you manage to order your NuLeaf Naturals product before 3 p.m., there’s a greater chance that your product will be sent for shipping the same day.

I always try to get my order in before 3 p.m., and so far, I have been receiving my products within 3 days. I haven’t tried ordering during holidays though. I’ve read they tend to be backed up during holidays.

NuLeaf Naturals also ship internationally. As of now, they have listed over 40 countries where they ship their products.

In case you’re wondering if you can buy NuLeaf Naturals in a store, the answer is, yes! Here’s a link for their store locations. They advise though that you call stores in advance since they cannot guarantee availability of products.

Return Policy

NuLeaf Naturals is more lenient than other companies because they accept returns within 30 days of delivery. This is allowed only if the products you return are new, unopened, and unused.

In case you want a full refund, you have to pay for shipping of the returns. However, if the company makes an error in shipping, you will be entitled to a full refund of the product and shipping costs.

As stated in their website, you should receive your refund four weeks at the latest. You may contact them if 14 days have already passed, and you have yet to receive your refund.

Phone and Email

NuLeaf Naturals phone number: +1 720 372 4842
E-mail: [email protected]

FAQs About NuLeaf Naturals

The FAQ section on NuLeaf Naturals’ website is very helpful and informative, so I suggest you check it out. I promise it will be worth your while. 

Coupon Codes to get the maximum discount:

Visit Greenthevoteok for latest discounts on Nuleaf Naturals. 

My Experience with NuLeaf Naturals Products

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals sells only full spectrum CBD oil products. I hate to repeat myself, but I have to emphasize that the company is firm in its belief that full spectrum CBD oil is superior to isolate or synthetic blends.

They may not have the widest range of products on the market, but their oils are among those highly-rated by users. This is further testament to the excellent quality of CBD oils they offer.

How to Consume

Even though NuLeaf Naturals sells only CBD oil products, you do have the option of choosing the manner of consumption of the product.

One way is to absorb the oil sublingually. This is one the most effective and easiest ways to consume CBD. It is also my preferred method of taking in NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil.

I hold the oil under my tongue for a full 60 seconds. For faster absorption, I don’t eat nor drink 10 minutes before I take my drops.

NuLeaf Naturals also suggests topical application of their oil if you want to apply it directly to a problem area. Mixing the oil into a moisturizer is also possible.

Lastly, the CBD oil can also be added into a drink or food item. This is probably best for those who want to ingest the oil, but are not really a fan of its taste.

Don’t worry though, because more specific dosing instructions come with the product.


I tried the 240-mg bottle, which is the smallest Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil you can get. My usual dose is about half a dropper, three times a day.

Filling half of the dropper is equivalent to about 10 drops or 24 mg of CBD. This seem to do the trick for me most of the time.

However, if my pain levels are really high, I go up to 20 drops. That’s almost 50 mg.
Basically, there is no set dosage for me. I just adjust accordingly depending on the pain.

If I remember correctly, it took less than 30 minutes when I started noticing that I have already started feeling relief from the pain.

I cannot pinpoint the exact time it took for NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil to work its magic on me. I can say for certain, however, that it relatively took less time compared with other brands.

For those of you who haven’t tried using CBD products, please try to understand that it’s actually hard to realize when the product has started working for you.

Since CBD oil from hemp doesn’t create that “high” feeling, the relief from pain is usually subtle. It doesn’t happen instantly.

When it comes to color, NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil is light gold. It is completely clear, giving the impression that it is indeed a high-quality CBD oil.

As for the smell, I would say that NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil has that slight smell of fresh cannabis. Nothing really unpleasant.

Now, for taste, I know people’s preferences vary greatly. I am one of those who actually like that natural plant taste in my mouth.

Don’t get me wrong. NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil doesn’t add any flavor to its product, but doesn’t have an overpowering taste.

The worst that you may experience is having an unpleasant taste in your mouth if you are averse to the plant taste. Compared to others I have tried though, this one is milder and I have no problem keeping it my mouth.

Although I occasionally have to tweak my dosage, NuLeaf Naturals CBD never fails to deliver. I now understand why this brand continues to be one of the favorites out there despite the growing number of competitors.

Price per mg
Currently, NuLeaf Naturals 240 mg CBD is priced at $38.50. So that makes it about 6.2 mg per $1.
Of course, the larger the bottle, the larger your savings. Their largest is the 4850-mg bottle that sells for $439. That would be about 11 mg per $1.

Dosage  Just so you know, each drop of NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil contains approximately 2.4mg of CBD.
As others would tell you, the dosage of CBD oils for each person depends on a number of factors. Examples would be your weight, your tolerance for CBD, and the form you take it in.
NuLeaf Naturals recommends that you place 10 drops, or half of the dropper, under your tongue. You need to hold it there for at least 30 seconds for the oil to be effective. You may do this three times a day.
Those 10 drops of CBD oil amount to 24 mg of CBD. If you’re a first-time user, you can also start with half of the recommended dosage.
You can then try to increase your dosage every 3 or 4 days, until you achieve your desired relief. Again, you can experiment with different dosages to your heart’s content.

Reviews by NuLeaf Naturals Users and Reddit


So, do I think NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil gives good value for money? Definitely.
My experience with the company has been nothing but pleasant so far. I also admire their ethical practices, and the stringent quality control measures they put in place.

I never had a problem will their shipping and customer service.
The CBD oils are indeed pricier compared with other brands, but at least you are assured of the high quality of something that you take into your body.  I certainly feel my pain ease up quickly after using the oil.

By the way, they regularly give out coupon codes that lets you slash up to 50% their regular prices. You should take advantage of those.

I do hope my NuLeaf Naturals review somehow helped you become more informed about CBD oils. You should give this brand a try if you suffer from chronic pain, and even social anxiety.


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