The Great CBDC USDC Algorand Reset... Crypto Currency Goes Mainstream

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The Great CBDC USDC Algorand Reset... Crypto Currency Goes Mainstream

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In this stream I am discussing the Great Reset of the Financial System to Digital Currency, CBDC. The most obvious secret of all time is that USDC is Digital Dollars, already with 1 USDC tied to 1 Fed Reserve Note. The US has already launched it's CBDC and no one realizes it. Algorand, CELO, Stellar, Ethereum, Hedera, etc. and the other blockchains running this new system are going to go to the moon and beyond price wise as this system continues to grow.

The answer to this surveillance state and the rise of CBDC's is privacy coins, such as the best privacy coin Pirate Chain $ARRR.

None of this video is financial advice which I state many times in the video.

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