CBD a safe treatment for cannabis use disorder

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On the one hand, where there are medicinal uses of cannabis, on the other hand, people go for cannabis abuse. As we know ‘excess of everything is bad’, the consumption of an excessive dose of CBD oil will become a nightmare for people. The awful results due to overconsumption of CBD will lead to massive social, mental, financial, and physical health.

The foremost thing we need to discuss is a cannabis use disorder.

What is Cannabis Use Disorder?

Cannabis Use Disorder

With THC present in cannabis in more proportion, the products are likely to make you high. Recreational users tend to consume excessive doses of CBD oil to feel high. Their potency increases with more consumption. As per the recent studies, if a person is consuming high-THC ratio cannabis every day, he is likely to suffer than get any benefit from the use of the product. Now, with constant use, people are more likely to get used to the cannabis, which in later stages is termed as ‘Cannabis Use Disorder’.

Recently, The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction has revealed that the percentage of misuse is increasing at an alarming rate. With the increasing numbers in addiction, CBD oil is becoming a new formula to stop overuse. The people who are suffering from cannabis use disorder are suggested to use an efficacious dosage of CBD. Also, it would be best if you went for the best quality products available at Franklycbd.

Nonetheless, many studies support the use of an adequate amount of CBD to help during withdrawal symptoms seen in people. Whenever an individual is on a high dose, and suddenly you decide to leave the drug, you get withdrawal symptoms. The situation at a time becomes difficult to control and sometimes leads to death. Therefore, step-by-step treatment will surely be beneficial for individuals who decide to leave high-THC cannabis.

With the excessive use of marijuana, you might gradually lose health, finances, and a lot more. Therefore, the most effective treatment becomes a necessity. Even in the United States, excessive drug use has become an alarming issue. Due to the increase in the use of THC, a study has been conducted and identified the psychoactive properties. On the other hand, the study on CBD has seen relatively better results. CBD helps to cure anxiety, keeps the person proactive, improves sleep and helps in the treatment of seizures in children. However, to study CBD for marijuana reduction is still a task for scientists.

The study was conducted on a 27-years old male. He was addicted to marijuana and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The foremost action taken by the doctors was to introduce CBD to his body. The doses were gradually decreased from 24 to 18 mg. On the one hand, where THC made him more anxious, the consumption of CBD showed positive results. The patient was able to adapt a regular pattern of sleep, as well. Another helpful aspect was seen when the patient claimed to stop the use of marijuana. The reduced dosage of CBD to 18 mg helped him decrease the consumption of marijuana and maintain a distant approach.

What is CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is a mixture of marijuana and hemp collectively called as cannabis. There are many benefits of CBD oil like curing anxiety, improving sleepless nights, relieve from stress, etc. With the increase in the demand for CBD oil, the benefits are seen increasing. People are moving from the consumption of marijuana to CBD oil. The best part of this product is non-addictive nature. Doctors have been increasing and encouraging the use of good-quality CBD oil. Many producers are claiming to be the best in the market. However, not all maintain the right standard and quality.

Your health is your wealth. Therefore, by considering this factor, you need to know the right amount of CBD oil that you need to consume. As we have discussed the cannabis use disorder, it is the right time for you to shift to the most efficient oil. Addiction to excessive use of marijuana has various side-effects and withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, to lead a healthy lifestyle, why not raise the quality of the product? It will be best for you to say ‘No’ to a cannabis use disorder.

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