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RE: I Updated "Haejin's" Wikipedia Page.... Winning the Internet!!

in #cavetroll3 years ago

This made me laugh like a devil. ROTFLMAO! Thinking of adding more edits to Haejin's Wikipedia profile too, maybe on internet cafe since my IP address range is automatically detected by Wikipedia, and I am not ready yet to receive the ban hammer.

Might as well update his Everipedia page, if any. LOLOLOL


Well keep in mind this Wikipedia Page actually belongs to a well thought of South Korean Actor. I thought it would be interesting for someone in his camp to figure out that there was an internet character out here making a lot of money with Seo's likeness. Every image is under copyright, so they could, in theory come after Haejin for every penny earned using that image.

I would not make a point of making too many additional edits to this particular Wiki article. But if you have something worth taking the risk with, have at it!

That's probably why he recently changed that image. But's its too late. All those images are still on the blockchain. The @Haejin account is pretending to be someone it really isn't.

Maybe he think he is the king, thats is why he used a picture from "The KIngs Face" ?

@haejin are you the kings face of.. steemit?

high self steem there dude

why do you use someone else face in front of more than 25k followers?

When Seo arrives to steemit and see the donkey memes we are to tell him to talk to you @haejin

cant change the blockchain :)

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