I'm very sad to let you know: I am leaving!

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It's a sad day today.

My pretty new face isn't going to be here much longer.

No wait, don't get me wrong, I'll still be here to cuddle with you all...
it's just that my awesome new look isn't going to stay with me after all.

@localola was trying her best to find some time for me next to her new job,
but life is a struggle sometimes and she had to set the proper priorities.

I'll show my pretty face a few more times but then I'll have to go back
to my old generic main coon kitten face posting random GIFs.

I know... it's a bit of a bummer, but hey, I also have some good news:

Check out my buddy @cuddlekitten!

Because there's another new fluffball passing out cuddles now!



cuddle-bot by @fraenk
artwork by @localola


If anyone want to propose a new look for @steemkitten, I'd be happy to hear your ideas.


Yeah... I'm excited, too... every ending is a new beginning... we'll still make steemit much more cuddly, the future looks fluffy!

I'm certainly interested to give it a go :)
New design, new ideas.

2nd round design a kitten contest?

@niko3d - Sounds like an excellent idea, however we may end up with a multiple personality disorder steemkittem!!!

lol... actually... i sincerely share your concerns here :P

lol...poor @steemkitten must so traumatised by now!!

I got soooo many ideaass @fraenk just need someone to draw them better lololol

tell me more :D

That's very sad! I really liked your look...

Maybe it's time for one of your good friends like @fraenk to run a "create @steemkitten's new look!" contest? There are a lot of really talented artists on Steemit, including some great illustrators.

heh, yeah, that's actually how I found @localola for @steemkitten before (and why I am making @cuddlekitten with @zneeke now) - through the #designacharacter contest ;)

I am not sure yet how I want to go ahead with @steemkitten, as lola can't find the time to create more poses for the comments it would get boring very very soon. I'm not a fan of the idea to run her with "stolen" internet GIFs again, so yeah, ...

That IS sad! : ( But I am happy to hear about @cuddlekitten! Thanks for the continued cuddles. : )

That's really sad.
Time for more cuddles....

maybe some catnip would make you feel better :)

That's a real shame, as I love your current look, but of course it's completely understandable <3
Thanks @localola for the wonderful work till now!

ah yes, I love the look too... its funny and naughty yet adorable and fluffy... i absolutely admire lola's steemkitten vision! But yeah, she just started a new job and that already puts a lot of pressure on her, so as sad as that is for steemkitten, i think it's absolutely best for lola to focus on the more relevant things in life and not have to feel bad for not finding time to draw more kittens...

Who knows, maybe one fine day we can bring her back (under her own name) once lola gets into the groove with her new job and seeks some cuddly distractions for herself again ;)

Pity, Pity - but I still love you, anyways!!

Oh no.... please keep this kitten look!

as she only has 5 different poses right now... that's going to get boring very soon.

I am not sure what to do... another art contest? back to generic kitten photo and GIFs? no images at all and just ASCII cats?

I'll have to come up with something!

Hmm... A contest would be good I guess... if someone can provide new images continuously (I think this is what you wanted with this one).

Just that this one is drawn is such cool way! Would be a pity to lose it.

Yeah I feel a bit heartbroken about it myself.

New images continuously of course would be the greatest... no, but it needs at least a minimum set of different poses for the 4 types of comments she makes... and I of course would like to integrate some more interactivity...

Yeah, you are right, I was really hoping for a solid cooperation in the initial contest. Lola really enjoyed the idea and was very enthusiastic, but she also felt really bad about it as she just couldn't find any time to make any more than the five she initially made... so yeah...

I don't think we'll lose her. Maybe once lola has settled in and need some distractions from her dayjob again... I'd be more than happy to make another kitten for that face.

Steemkitten herself however needs a timely solution, I'm really leaning towards just ASCII cats and a few GIFs like she had initially.

If I may... please no gifs :p
Those animated kittens are super cute, but cat gifs are not so much :p. But its just my opinion :)

Maybe a simple, small kitten images as png so there is just a kitten? Smaller than this though.


I've been using GIFs like these before... and despite not being "original content" I did quite like them actually:



I think they did work quite well, bw, small, not being too obtrusive on the post of the cuddling-victim.

I can be a cuddling-victim anytime!!
Anytime! :D Come to momma kitties..

I will follow you to see your future posts!


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