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in caturday •  2 years ago 

This caturday I present to you a cat called Simba, born in my home whilst living in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015.

I love the way he has his legs crossed while he sleeps.

Just so chilled!

Oh, if only I could be a cat 😋


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That is a very cute cat and he knows how to chill for sure.


He sure does. If only my life were that chilled!

I see you have kids too, so you understand :)

That cat is winning at life, and would probably win against most animals in a 'Thriller' dance off!


Winning is the word! Love it :)

Adorable! I remember Timon, one of the Lion King character follow the metaphor words, but in the he succeed, ended up hakuna matata!


Hakuna Matata! LOVE THAT TRACK!!!

that cat has relaxation down to an exact science and a pinch of modesty thrown in!


you know it!

Simba is so cute!

hakuna matata!

What an adorable tiny kitteh. Love the little belly spots.

haha! My cat is the same!

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So cute cat

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ha ha ha! So cute! Mine is the same and she sleeps like this too sometimes. Rstmd

Jejeje so cute this cat

Hee hee hee what a funny !!!!!! :))))

Simba is completely chilled! LOL! Looks like a human sleeping! HaHa! Love this! :)

Very funny jejejeje, @samstonehill, so cute!