Caturday Cuddles & Gratitude for Fur Babies

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Nap index at an all time high, the sun hiding, they sky grey...
Let's sleep all #Caturday!


Actually these photos were from a couple days ago, do cats really need grey skies to sleep all day? We know the answer to that. It was me who delighted in the dimness of today! I'm only part cat after all...I can't sleep through sunshine and birds singing.


I'm still very surprised at how well these 3 get along. They are triplets, so maybe that has something to do with it. I keep expecting the brothers to start getting pissed at each other, and it never happens. I keep expecting them to start marking their territory, and they don't.

We have 4 litter boxes for the 3 cats, they used to use all 4. Everything I have read says cats won't use each other's boxes. This last couple months, they have all decided to use the same one. 3 cats, one dudes! (And dudette.)

They also all share the same food and water dish, even though I have several around. Maybe it's because they are all living together in the house they were born in? They have never been through any big changes, or separated. They're tight, and it seems like they're getting even tighter! (Please though dudes, go back to using all the litter boxes.)


Not gonna look a gift cat in the mouth though. They get along supremely, that's great. I've never had a better cat in my whole life, never mind 3 of em. I tell them every day what blessings they are in our lives. I'm not sure if they care about that, so just incase I always give them cat treats and the nice soft food every day too.

I hope you're having a great #Caturday where you are #SteemFam ~ Sending you purrs, cuddles and tiny, furry high fives (ok, my cats actually give high 6's) and a hug for good measure!

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Do you not get bored with being a total prick?

These were looking for food

Great post, great photos!!!

Our 8 is enough rescue cat clan, that just got that name retired by #9. The Maricle Kitten.

They have 3 boxes of the 7 we put out. Sometimes those 3 have to be cleaned twice a day.

But it is worth it. @manorvillemike knows.....

8+ yrs. Here 100% in the box.

Turns out, you CAN have your cake & eat it too.... lol

Best Cake Ever...!!!

Choc Fudge Poo, Melted Butter Pee on Grahm Cracker Crumbles.

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My children loved this, but omg, I'm still retching! BWA HAHAAA Thank you for sharing (I think) :) :)


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Thank you so very much for the steem! Could have thanked you on twitter too I suppose? It made my day brighter anyway. Triplet cats! Awww! Love how they are so close and you were able to keep them together. I have had sibling cats that were not your babies are rather unique. What are their names? 🥰

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They are awesomely cute! I think the whole "one litter box per cat" thing is a myth... seems more like the "favored box" goes in some sort of rotation around here, unless someone made a particularly obnoxious poop.

Happy Caturday!


I have never met a poop that was NOT "particularly obnoxious poop." LMAO

OK, wait.... this CAKE was the BEST POOP EVER...!!!

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Nice to keep them together. I have two sets of families. Tip on litter boxes , cats are very clean. They like a clean place to do there business. Thanks for a 3rd place in flag boot camp.. I don't know what I did thou....


Beautiful cats 😻