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Hello you fabulous Felines and Hoomans of the Steemitsphere!

It's Saturday once again, and that means my favorite day of the week: CATURDAY! Bring out all your cute photos of your cat friends and share with the world!


Youthful Memories!

Today, I thought I'd share some kitten pictures from when I was just a "wee squirt" shortly after arriving here at my new "forever home."

I was quite small and frail at the time and almost immediately ended up with some kind of infection so I almost died. But with a lot of love, care and rest I managed to recover and become my fabulous self!

Hadn't quite grown into my ears and head yet!

Curious and a little apprehensive. I had STRIPES, back then!

Tiny kitten, big dog: meeting Daisy the dog... who's actually a very gentle and nurturing "cat mom"

"You can't see me!"

And since we're on the subject of "cute kittens," I decided to also toss in a few shots of "Orange" as a kitten... sadly, he was with us far too briefly and died suddenly at only a few years of age... but we all still remember him very fondly around here.

Orange was a very sweet natured cat...

He loved to hide in little tiny spaces... and suddenly come popping out!

Well, that's about it for the "cute overload" factor, for this Caturday! I hope you enjoyed my little stroll down "Memory Lane!"

Help Spread Cat Awareness on Steemit with #catsofsteemit!

Meanwhile, I hope you will be part of helping to build a "Cat Community" here in the world of Steem!

To do so, you can help by using the #catsofsteemit tag every time you post pictures of your feline friends. This tag is intended for the cats in YOUR life, so please do NOT use it for random kitten photos from the web, cat cartoons and stuff like that... only your own cats.

In time, I hope we can build enough interest to where a click on the tag will bring up dozens of our friends in a simple feed, and we can help each other grow our presences here through mutual support!

Hope you are all having a beautiful weekend!


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Those are awesome photos! I remember when........LOL I had too big of ears and head! I was pretty comical :) . Thanks for sharing!

Ah poor orange! Sorry to hear.

There's a great new show on Netflix about the RSPCA in the UK called "Kitten Rescuers", if you love cats you will love this!


Thank you! It was very sad... but male cats (especially) seem prone to get sudden unexplained kidney failures, and they die very suddenly.

I'll definitely check out that show!



Very sad story (((

We also had an adopted red cat. He lived 12 years only and died suddenly. And was the most sweet and tender cat I ever know. He could live few more years but died of some strange neurotic disorder something like stroke. That was really shocking. (((

AWWW! Thanks for sharing your story of Orange. He looks like a baby Ollie.


We were very sad; he was a healthy 3-year old cat one 3 days later he was gone. All the vet could offer was "it happens, especially with male cats, and we're not sure why."



That's pretty much what happened with Fitz. I think you've read his story. I know I shared a link of his story in my epic cat family post last month. He was fine one day and then he wasn't feeling good so we took him to the Vet and he had contacted a blood parasite. 4 days later he died in my wife's arms. We think he contacted the virus from Missy, our little Siamese garden kitty that lives in the backyard and Grandma's shop. I had brought her inside to start staying with us in our room but she had fleas. Plus she wasn't litter box trained and after she peed on our computer desk next to the computer we put her back outside. Shortly after we put Missy back outside Fitz got sick. So we think he caught the disease from the fleas from Missy. I think this is why all the outside cats stay away from Missy because they know she is a carrier of the disease and don't want to get sick. Some sort of pecking order among all the outside cats.

Such a sweetie with those oversized ears and delicate little nose!


Some of the (relatively!) biggest ears I have seen on a "non pedigree" kitten!

Happy Caturday!

Cuteness is over whelming .....


Thank you! "Baby pictures" are fun.

Happy Caturday!

I love cats and dogs so much!!

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Cats and dogs are awesome and lovely members of our families. They definitely make our lives richer!



Yes, indeed! They are my heart💞

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So little and sweet. I love how they have energy till the end of days! Happy Caturday...

Hi @curatorcat,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

They are both so cute!!! I am very sorry for the little orange kitten