Caturday - Johnny Danger is Too Big for His Toy. As Usual.

in caturday •  8 months ago

It's a crinkly bed/toy. I once ordered a cat-stand that turned out to be a good size for fat hamsters.

Hey, hooman drr drr. This is too small again.

Here is a similar-themed post of my other horse. I mean cat...

... that I think is funny (of course).

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Mary Helen
Photos by Cubbyworks, CanonPowershot SX520HS

Upvote and help Paint get a real bed!

(Jk, Paint is fine, he made this.)

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When a cat chases its prey, it keeps its head level. Dogs and humans bob their heads up and down.

Clearly, humans don't always have a good sense of scale! I sleep in a small dog bed, most of the time.

I hope Paint gets a new bed. Although we cats are pretty good at turning almost anything into a bed!



HaHa @curatorcat ! Thanks for the reply- it's true, half the dogs I know are smaller than my cats.. Thanks for rooting for Paint haha! Those are his favorite beds, and they go fast. Beautiful black kitty :). I love your blog description, awsm.


Hello, thank you very much @crystalize! Happy #Caturday to you too!