Happy #Caturday!

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It's a beautiful sunny day here in Seattle and Dax is making the most of it. I went looking all over the house for my kitty, and it seems she decided to spend some quality time out on the "Catio".

Here she is basking in the sun atop her fuzzy kitty bed. I love the contented look on her face.

While this might look like "Kitty Jail" it most certainly is not. Two summers ago, I decided to build an outdoor habitat where my kitties could go hang out outside, yet stay safe from the raccoon and coyotes in the neighborhood.

Happy Cat Habitat

The "Catio" is a converted (brand new) chicken coop. It has an enclosed area, a walking plank, and an open area for sunning. They seem to really love it!

They enter and exit the habitat via a bedroom window that has been securely fitted with a kitty door. It's hilarious to see them zoom in and out of the house. As you can see, the habitat is elevated so they can get a good look at birds in the nearby trees.

Happy #Caturday, everyone!


Awwhnn..I always liked cats. Plus the habitat looks so glam like a cat hotel or something lol. That was so innovative of you. Dax couldnt be happier

Thanks, @wondermaey! Yeah, she's a happy kitty!

Aww.. Lovely kitty. You will actually make me want to get one.

Yes, I also thought that it was a prison for a kitty and I was very surprised, but then I saw that it was very spacious and can save him from raccoons and coyotes .

Her habitat looks beautiful

It's pretty fun, isn't it?

wow, crystalize !!!! I first see such a charming attic for cats. it is amazing!!!! you can see that she is blissful there :) did you buy this structure or did it yourself?

Hi @tali72. The chicken coop comes as a kit that must be built and sealed. I added a plywood floor, extra waterproofing, and I cut a hole in the side of the "roosting" area to align with the pet door that is installed in the window. Every year, I reseal it with linseed oil and check the weatherproofing gaskets.

you are creative in everything!

Wow, @crystalize... I never thought cats could be troubled by coyotes and raccoons... That catio looks very cool - have you patented the idea ?

No, @cryptocariad, I have not filed for a patent, but I'll bet one exists for the coop!

It's a great idea! In summer we live in a country garden and take our cat there. We should do the same house for her.

Hi @naditinkoff. Dax has wanderlust and will disappear for weeks at a time, if I let her outside. She used to come home covered in fleas, skinny and very mean. I finally realized that it is safer to keep her inside and give her an outdoor playpen.

You have a beautiful and safe cottage for cats! As it is good that our cats do not threaten anything). And our cat lives with us in the house, and walks in the courtyard when she wants, she herself is asking to go outside.

😍 I love ypur catio! I want to do that when I own my own home. Right now Yuan likes to chill on the apartment balcony but Maggie is content to watch the world from the window.
Your kitty looks so content (and adorable)!

Thank you, @phoenixwren! Dax really seems to love it, and her sister Mae hides in toe covered area and watches from secrecy. What I love about this Catio is that I can take it with me if I move. It is a simple detachment. Need a big truck or van, though!

Lovely pet....always scared of cat though...welldone @ crystalize..

Thanks, @donkenny1992! There is nothing to fear with this kitty! She is playful, but is a fluffy ball of love.

@crystaliza happy to me here😂😂😂😂

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