📷 Happy 🐈 Caturday!

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Hello dear Steemians and Partiko users!

Today is 🐈 Caturday!

So, I am in @mushanov 's yard and we are having a barbeque ... and that's his 🐈 Zhivka:

On more shot:

And that's a funny one:

Do you like cats?

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Cute kitty, nice photos!

And yes. I do like cats. That's why I'm in the Caturday Discord Server. It's a chat room dedicated to Caturday, cats, and cat lovers. You can join us and meet other people who love cats and there is a place where you can promote your cat related Steem posts.

Happy Caturday!

Hey, @saboin, thank you for the information about the Caturday Discord Server!

That's a really cute cat @cryptospa, thanks for sharing.

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Правят впечатление мислещите очи на котенцето)

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Да, така е! Много е любопитно.

Живка е много сладка 🙂

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Супер сладурче е!

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Thank you!

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Thank you!

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