A caturday drawing and Something About Me for #sam-saturday

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Hi Lovelies !

Even if we told you we would take a 3 days nap for our mana recovering,

we wanted to draw a FancyCat for you , like we do every caturdays in our Joyful Kingdom ^_^

and we'd like to do our first #sam-saturday, which is a very nice idea of our SteemFriend @bluemoon who proposes that we post Something About Me (SAM) on saturday (more clear explanations in his post)

But first here are my FancyCats who are greeting you my dears ! ^_^



Now Something About Me, if you are a bit curious ;-)

I draw and paint mostly animals, I like them very much, I have much respect for all living beings and never consider them as "inferior" as human, ok that is not something new about me, the new something is :

I have no animals at home.

I have no cat, no dog, no redfish, no turtle, no bird...I have some spiders but we are just co-existing together peacefully ;-)

and yet I much love animals

There are multiple reasons why I do not have any animals at home :
I live in an appartment, and without any terrace or balcony,
An animal is not a toy, it needs attention, good care, much love, it costs a lot and is a lot of responsabilities...for me it is a bit like having children, or well, choosing to have children...once you have them in your life, it is a great responsability that should not be considered lightly...I have 3 children and would never abandon them through any difficulty of life if they would need me..they are in my life the biggest responsability I have and am aware of,
and I consciously choose to not add a one more life responsability with an animal,
because yes it is a living being that is able to feel pain and love,
so I love immensely the pets and choose to respect them
doing no harm whatever to them
feeling the connection with them
drawing them in a fancy loving way

without having them at home (...for now) ;-)


This was my Something About Me,
you can share with us your SAM under the Hastag #sam-saturday by @bluemoon ;-)

Happy Caturday sweet Steeminions ! =^.^=

guirlandes bleues.png

Feel free toifollowus.png for your DailyWonkieDose ^_^

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It is quite difficult to express the joy that this challenge has generated such a post from you.
First, the beautiful and tandy blue kitten stands among the hydragena.
Your confession, so sincere and describing you so well.
At this moment, I feel that @sam-saturday did what it was scheduled to do ... but it had the best chance of not doing. To show a small part of our true life, which many are not willing to reveal.
Thanks and I'm honored!


I'm happy if you are glad with how it turned out,
your SAM idea is a great one, it is me that thank you to give me the opportunity and the desire to maybe reveal littles more of me along the SAM weeks, it was probably something I needed as a newness in my posts...thanks a lot @bluemoon ! ^_^

Hello @barbara-orenya, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

While I do know quite a bit about you, my Barbara @barbara-orenya, there were some surprises, such as having no pets.

Because of your loving and caring personality. and because you have this wonderful way of portraying animal behaviors, I always thought you had a cat. At the very least.

I should have known that because you are a lover of animals, that is the exact reason you do not have them! I am not sure if I would have though ahead of how unfair it would be for them. I would like to think I would, but, you absolutely have the right kind of love intact.

For all of these reasons, I adore you, Because you are not selfish and think of so many others.

It is no secret that the Blue Wonkies and my Luigi are near and dear to my heart. I watched as they were born into their existence. From the first appearance of their little blue hands. Oh! I remember the day well! How they have grown and developed!

You have been an absolute delight to get to know through the years. It has been years!! Wow! And thank you for letting us in with a little bit more about you!

Le temps passe trop vite.. Bisous!


Oh my...you have the skill to make me appear in a more beautiful way than I usually see myself my dear ! I know how to magnify with paintings, colors, and even filters on photos, but YOU have the ability to magnify people with your words...
ohlala, I'm happy to know you my dear, and yes, it has been years now ! How joyful is that ?! ^_^


It has been absolutely delightful!! It is easy to describe you as beautiful! Your heart, your heart - everyone can see it.


Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory



awwww momma and baby kitteh :)



Puurrr loveliness! I have two fish that were a gift to Jim before he died, and I'm not sure that they count as pets. Great SAM post!


Thanks much for your appreciation my dear, I also enjoyed your SAM post ! ^_^
Fishes are the more easy beings to care of, aren't they..?
And noiseless also LoLminuscule.png


I'm not too attached to them, but they seem to be living a good long, rather boring life!


Indeed, sometimes I try to feel what is it like to be a fish, ...and I awake a few hours later with a start wondering where I am ...LoL =D


Why does that not surprise me!🤣 You have the best imagination ever.

Hello! Lovely as ever. Your RC is 100%. So all good. VP is not though...

Posted using Partiko Android


we so would like to understand the difference between both, and which actions do have an impact on which one and so on.... ;-)


ditto Luigi ... 6impffaua4.png^_^

Very good work!


Thank you Tais ! ^_^

Well, I am trying to come back and today is my first day voting and visiting again!

I'm happy to see a caturday post, even if it's Sunday when I'm seeing it and I love your little blue kitties!

I hope we are back again! I made an art post today of new art for the first time in awhile so I hope we are back :)


Yes it was like a long nap, and now I don't understand this stuff of RC and VP, well, not understanding the difference, the use, the depletion, and the rejuvenation...I feel a bit dizzy...LoL...yes, like you, I hope we are back ;-)

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What a lovely drawing! Well done Barbara!


o0yw68db80.png Thank you Erikah ! ^_^


My pleasure 😉 and thank you for this handsome young man 😁