It's Cat-turd-ay...'NO'...It's Possum Turd - Eh???

in caturday •  4 months ago  (edited)

Sorry, I couldn't resist, so I might need to make amends to all my 'Caturday' friends out there in Steemit Land?

Finding a couple of turds near the corner of my mud-room the other day sort of perplexed me a bit...they were smallish...kind of 'cat poop size'?

My little Misty-Girl nor my two stray cat visitors ever pooped on my floor ever before, so you can imagine my confusion and mild concern when I discovered the two offensive deposits...

"Who left them there, and why" were the most pressing thoughts on my mind for the next couple of days. Neither of my cat friends seemed to be sick, which may have led them to commit such an uncontrollable act...I thought that perhaps it was an act of defiance..?? Maybe it was something I had said to one of them, or 'did' which angered them?

Anyway...I think I figured it out...It wasn't my feline friends at all, it was 'THE POSSUM"

Yup, that possum that I caught eating out of the cat food dish in my house a while ago, was back; and making himself/herself quite comfortable now on the pillow by the radiator that I put there for my strays. The nerve...!?!?!?

I managed to snap a picture of the thing laying there, looking up at me as if saying...Whaaaatttt??? Fortunately for you guys, I didn't take a picture of the turds; you've probably seen enough of them to know what they look like anyway.

Check this out:

Mystery Solved

That thing probably is mad at me for not leaving cat food down on the floor overnight to discourage 'possum' visits...? Yeah...that's what it was...'possum pay-back' at it's finast' (Probably learned that tactic from an Anarchist friend?)


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Cue the Twilight Zone music....... I did not see your "shitpost" till after I had posted my "shitpost"....... ain't that shit kinda weird...?

No shit....... I shit you not.

Ok enough of the shit jokes. Pretty cool that we both had poo posts, and called em "Cat Turd Day"

No Copy Cats..... really.

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What is the chances of 'that' ever happening? Maybe it's an omen to play the Lottery??? Our time has come...or else we just missed it by a day :~(

I'll have to check out your Cat Turd Day post after I leave this response.

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Thank you :~) for the recognition.