The lost boys

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Of the three cats in the picture, the only one I still have is Yoda, the silver tabby. Earnest, at the back had kidney disease and finally had enough at the end of 2017. He was 16.

Next to Yoda is Romeo, his sidekick that I got from a shelter and to my surprise, they bonded immediately and were inseparable. Two months after I got Romeo, I moved and he was run over at the new place a month later. I have no idea what posessed him to go to the road and it was heartbreaking to find him in the morning. Yoda has never been the same since. He was also fond of Earnest, his cat-dad. I think that he still misses them.

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I understand you... this is very painful...
A few years ago I fed a street gray kitty.
He knew what time I brought him food and he always came at that time.
I loved him very much, but I couldn’t take to my house, since I have a lot of Persian cats.
And, when I again carried him food, I saw how the janitor lifted him body from the road ... not far from the place of feeding ...
The janitor was a good man, he wanted me not to see it and thought that the kitten just stopped coming ...

I'm glad that you still have Yoda! :)..Is he doing alright?
IMG_20190316_211414 (2).jpg
Greetings from Picasso! ;)


Yoda is fine and grumpy ;)

Hello to Picasso!

Strong broken bonds can never be replaced sadly. But new ones can develop gladly.

I prefer the first one to the black one. They black ones always look devilish to me.

However, I enjoy having the colorful one around especially the puppies.


I like them exactly because they are devilish 😈😈

I'm glad you still have Yoda; it's hard when our cat friends depart, for one reason or another. I can't even imagine the heartbreak of finding one of them at the side of the road, though....



That was traumatic, for sure

They are with Peter Pan now.


Yeah 😿

I'm glad you still have Yoda! Sorry for your loss 😔


Mee too! Unfortunately it's part of having pets 😓

Yoda is a beautiful cat. I love the grey.


Yes, he is

In childhood, in the summer I lived with my grandmother. She had a big shaggy cat at home. We became friends very much. When I arrived the next summer, he immediately remembered jumped into my arms. I constantly played with him. When he caught rats or mice, he always brought them to the entrance of the house and showed his prey


Cats are great friends to have

This is very sad! One of my cats has been missing for four days now which was unusual since she did not come back even fir her food.
During the last two days I kept seeing cat’s spirit! Very pale and not very clear. I had to avoid stepping on a cat several
times as I thought it was the grandmother cat. But there was nothing there when I turned around. I think she might have been killed by a dog!
I am worried fir her safety!
Other younger cats look rather sad and quiet! I don’t know if they could sense something wrong.

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I am sorry to hear that!

Son lindos sus gatitos. Es muy triste que se mueran. Que después de ser parte de nuestra vida, se tengan que ir. No me acostumbro a la idea que nuestros bellos acompañantes se vayan. Es un sentimiento que no se logra olvidar y nada ni nadie puede sustituirlos.

Very sad when your pets die.

And especially when they get killed outside. That's why we never let our cats go outside, it's too dangerous.

Unfortunately, the red cat Richard, we had before Phil (@bricat), passed away 5 years ago. He died suddenly of strange brain disease very similar to stroke. I still feel very sad about him. He was so clever. 😢

Wish Yoda a long life!


Thank you!