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“The reason for the spread? Pig-headedness, not another thing,” he raged in in Des Moines on November 25, 1918. “We knew it was prevalent in Europe and that it would find its way here.” His speech on the so-called Spanish influenza was colorful, to say the least. “The ‘flu’ germ doesn’t care a hang for your state of mind,” he noted. “After he takes up residence in your nose, he doesn’t give a blankety-blank whether you’re afraid of him or not.”

*"yes, you can!"*

you create free-zones for the anti-quarantainists to live until further notice, feel free to move there for the time being but feel free to take care of yourself if you do

you have the army bring tents to schools and freel free to go back to school but you stay there until further notice, anyone who wants back gets 14 days of quarantine, anyone found breaking the limits set around the ground will face severe penalties, feel free

you can do that for factories and anyone can feel free , while the rest remains isolated

you could actually do that

but it would come down to personal choice, not "one law fits all" and your local proverbial legalists brain simply cant process that kind of thinking

also , maybe unheard of in modern western enlightened despotism but in essence you would be leaving the choice to people themselves ... you d just have to very strictly enforce the limits between freezones and the rest :)

yea this is not cat and frankly im getting tired of talking about it ... the countries with most pro capita should actually have least, this should teach us all a lot but im sure scapegoating will take precedence