pro-tip for hippies

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I'm not really continuing ubasti anymore. At present rates (and since a long while) i'm gonna get €100 faster saving my copper to give to food for the animal shelter than i will here .

But, even if prefer not to react, i got ticked off by a hippie yesterday.

See : hippies be like : "O M gaaawd its pandemiiiiic" and go act weird after just a few months of being in one house for most of the day . It's not like they dont get out, they just dont get out MUCH

Then they have a cat, like ... "O M gaaaawd" all it does is sleep all day


you been inside , not even IN inside for just a few months, you get a pet, put it on a couch, give it some food and NEVER let it out then wonder why it sleeps all day ...

The fucking ALF should come raid your house ....

next time ... get a goldfish

the cat needs attention obviously or are you the type to send your kids to their room until its time for school and if they complain "YOU HAVE ENOUGH TOYS WHATS THE PROBLEM?"

a cat is not property - its a friend,

if its not


yes, and i have made this no secret : if i had billgates money id be sponsoring the ALF ... but not the vandals ofcourse, just like anonymous you get scum that uses the name

just like you have antifa-scum that just like to riot and throw rocks at police

and just like you have psychopaths burning wendies because ONE black guy died

same thing

seriously dude

get a goldfish

you'd probably forget to feed it since the cat can it least make noise when its hungry


well, don't presume as if your name is Salems lot

i DO eat meat, but i wouldnt if i had to kill it ... if i had to kill it id be left to human meat but thats illegal so i guess i wouldnt

thats hippocrite, yea maybe but still if i had bill gates money id be sponsoring the ALF, not greenpeace

not just b/c greenpeace owes me a job which , despite me having best results went to people who were better at quoting marx and left behind better jobs that paid more and were obviously female, safe to say i was positively discriminated for a rich, pretty face in the name of gender equality there

but mostly when they went about "did you check the website" i said "yea, a lot about paint and dye but what's your position on fracking ?"

and the answer was "hahaha , yea, fracking hahah"

as if beavis sat in front of me

and thus ...

let me get some things clear while im at it : spray painting a butchers window is NOT activism, its vandalism


i still refuse to believe that the people here in soviet hellgium who got convicted for setting a whole container full of chickens on fire did do that

and if they did i refuse to believe they are actual ALF

ALF-memebers would NEVER set a truckload of animals on fire to make a statement on mcDonalds

that shit was political

nuff said


and now ...

when is the second lockdown ? its getting too noisy, im stressing out and one of my pc's was sabotaged and i have to spend all my beermoney on a gpu whil actually in a month the new 3000 series comes so that ones gonna sit on the shelf being e-waste for life ....

and that sucks, not as much dick as je moeder but it sucks

i also have about 700 other REAL life problems and a severe distressed mental state which is not derived from pandemic but from humans and soviet hellgium

so with this i'll stfu then

uh ?

"thats not how you apply for a job?" ?

I noticed a few times in my life ... you might not believe me but i have ... but i have never been your mother applying for crackwhore with her pimp like that. That wasnt people i wanna work for and they didnt want me because i didnt talk the walk , its not about results, its about appearances and having a nice little cosy environment , like a bubble-cave that never gets disturbed. If i were greenpeace CEO id do anonymous audits and fire and sack the whole fucking lot across the globe

but he's probably that kind of hippie too, well paid and well-fed from the donations ill-gotten by people like (me) who bug people in the street and at the frontdoor

talking ten years ago ofcourse, i still thought i future could happen

i was not 150% damaged

i gave a remnant of a fuck

you don't have to tell me how the world works

YOUR world is NORMAL
its the biggest repeating pattern on the planet


i just dont wanna be in it