Ready to Breed II

in cats •  27 days ago


It is a common approach by breeders to assume that a close eye must be kept to figure out as to whether the kitten has reached its mature state and is ready to mate. However, in most cases it will be very obvious when a cat is ready for its breeding process.A vocal call can be heard, it will be audible and comparable to a shriek. New breeders should not feel alarmed when hearing this as it not a sign of distress, rather it is a call to source a suitable partner. These sounds can also be heard as simple mews and will often be accompanied by active behaviour. When a cat is heard to issue such calls they will roll around, whip their tails and often expose a sensitive area. During this time, it will be clear that the young cat has entered its season of heat.

Some breeders will feel a little concerned when this behaviour is exhibited by a at as it may very well indicate an issue relating to well-being. There is however, a simple check to determine as to whether the cat is projecting its ready breeding state. Gently lifting at the neck fold, stroking around the back of the body should yield a positive response. The cat may start to gently purr and posture herself upwards with an expression of pleasure. This indicates that the cat is ready to breed.


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