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in cats •  4 months ago

Saw this meme a while back. Whoever made it sure has quite a sense of humour!


The way some cats strut around, it’s easy to tell they are very independent creatures. If they live out in the wild, they’re usually loners. They’re their own bosses. They’re far different from dogs, who roam with the pack. I’ve known some cat haters over the years who say things like, “Cats are useless!”.

Why? Cause they don’t follow orders like dogs? I would argue that makes them more intelligent and better to have as a pet. I don’t have to worry about leaving for the day. I don’t have to walk them every day.

A smart, well behaved cat is a great pet! 👍

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I like that meme! And it's quite true, too!

Cats can also be very loyal and friendly, when it's on their terms... and when treated with kindness, they usually are quite well behaved.



That picture is hilarious to me. My little Bebop has always been good around comics until just I swear this past few months I have had to keep an eye on her. Much like that cat you have in that picture, I guarantee I can recreate that with her. She sees some papers and thinks she can hide underneath them which I find funny as all hell... because it has yet to happen to comic books. It's a real fear I have now.

The bottom pic is about as close as I can let her get now before I have to grab a cat to and distract her. If I had enough money to make a "piles" worth I need to make my own cash cat picture with her, but I kind of also don't want to encourage this bad habit lol.