A cat leap

in #cats4 months ago


I love pets so much but i haven't had one since my last Bunnies when i was 16years old. But i cherish them when i got to friends houses or acquintances, i'm always fascinated about how humans have grown to accept Pets as members of a family. Cats, Dogs, Parakeets and the most fond of, follow by the rest of the packs(the animals you can't believe people keep as pets). This is about cats, the smooth-criminal sleeky pets who looks down on us humans, while mans best friends; dogs look up to us as they say.

Cats are peculiar domesticated animals, you can't help but wonder what that cat is trying avoid with that odd and funny leap. The look on its face is a mystery, its like a predator looking for its meal and still acting like a prey. Same thing goes for their behavior in the house, they have specific corners to themselves, those mini-furry landlords could be a spectacle at the same time be furry ball of trouble.