Yin and Yang, pencil crayon drawing

in cats •  last year

They appear opposite, but are actually complementary, interdependent. Physical manifestations of duality, these tigers were drawn to symbolize yin and yang.

I love drawing/painting on black surfaces, out of the negative space. Filling in the light, instead of the dark always gets me out of my own head. I had a lot of fun doing this one.

Drawings 001.jpg

Tigers have always been one of my favorite animals. What's you favorite?

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Pussy cats. I think horses are the most mysterious animals)


I love horses too, I have done some drawings of them but don't think I have pics...will have to do more!


Check out my drawing of horses here, if you like :) https://steemit.com/drawing/@michelleart/a-stampede-of-new-users

WOW, the white one! you are real talented!



:) Thank you :) Albino tigers are my favorite, so beautiful!

It is so beautiful! Great job! I remember when I started drawing as a kid how mesmerizing this technique looked, drawing the lights instead of the shades.


I have switched over to painting but I still love using the technique :)

wow, these look great. I can't believe you did this with crayons, what is the size of this piece?


7.5 by 11 inches :)

Like it, Yin Yang forms the universe:)



That is amazing, You are very talented!


Thank you :)

I'd say that this is rather a handsome art. I'm stunned.


Thank you, I really appreciate it!

I'd say cats in general are my favourite animals. These tigers show out amazing on the black background.


I pretty much always work from black background, colors really pop :)

They look so realistic! Does this require a long time to draw?


not very long, a couple hours or so :)

the details are amazing thanks a lot for sharing these two tigers are wonderful and keep on posting ;)


Thank you for appreciating! I will keep them coming :)

Really strong effect on the dark surface


I love the effect... I have to go to a different head space, working from the negative and the outcomes are always very satisfying :)

This is nice! Will be looking forward to your posts :-)



Thank you :) Glad you enjoy!

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Amazing art. Love it.
following you


Thank You! :)