Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Yawning Tiger (Again), Group Photo, and Cleo Hanging Out with Clowns!

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Today was a good day, at least as far as Cleo and Tiger are concerned. I caught Tiger yawning again, and Cleo was happy to pose for multiple photos, including one with 2 little toy clowns from many years ago when I was a kid. However, Blaze made things SO difficult, I managed a single shot of him jumping off a chair, and an accidental photo of him walking directly in front of Cleo and Tiger, lol. Enjoy the pictures!

Tiger mid-yawn. 2 Days in a Row!


Cleo and Tiger.


Cleo with the clowns.


Group Photo!

4group foot.jpg

Blaze walking into frame, hehe.


Blaze jumping off the chair, blurring every photo, lol.


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How are my friends doing? Tiger again yawning! Maybe he need some holiday trips lol, it’s getting boring staying in that big mansion! Frequent yawning is a sign of tiredness.

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haha he doesn't like going outside, we tried when we first got them to acclimate them to it, they hated it and demanded to be let back in immediately.

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Cleo the beauty :-)


She did look particularly elegant today.