Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! The Long Awaited, Ever Elusive Group Photo Has Arrived! Plus Individual Shots!

in #catslast year

I finally managed a group shot, and luckily had my phone out, as they all reacted to me coming into the room, and nearly ran off. I was able to get individual shots of them in the same places, shortly before food-time, when they all scatter and begin their daily pacing around routine. Enjoy the photos!

Tiger solo.


Group shot!


Blaze solo.


Cleo solo.


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Group shots are hard in this house... never had a complete group yet...

haha wow, yea I can't even imagine trying it with more than 3 cats. That's impressive, nonetheless!

Tiger lookin' good! =^.^=

Added to :)

Hi @grapthar,

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8 was enough.... 9 is too many.....

The group shots are Very Rare here..... Here is 7 of 9.


haha wow, that is seriously impressive!