Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Sunday Funday? Laziness is Fun for Cats, I Suppose.

in cats •  2 months ago 

Not much to report. Lazy day, lots of sunbathing and hiding out in their blanket forts. I did manage to catch Tiger mid-yawn, which is always a win, and almost captured Blaze too, though my phone didn't take the shot in time. Fortunately, I got some nice shots of him and Cleo later on, so all in all, a good day for feline fotos! Enjoy!

Blaze with his toys, close-up.


Tiger, mid-yawn/yell.


Cleo in the windowsill.


Tiger, post-yawn, mid-stairs.


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Love that curled tongue .. I just yawned looking at Tiger's picture... :-)

His weird prickly curled tongue makes the photo for sure.

Hi @grapthar,

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