Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! More and More Lazy Cat Photos... What Else is New?!

in cats •  2 months ago 

Just another day of laziness for the cats, which I, of course, captured in photo-form. Cleo and Tiger were surprisingly sleeping near each other when I get home, but after running to get my phone, they had dispersed, so I only got individual shots of them. But I did manage to catch Cleo and Blaze together on the tree upstairs, though it was at night, so pardon the bad lighting. Enjoy the photos!

Cleo stoked about being brushed.


Blaze in a box.


Tiger passed out.


Cleo invading Blaze's perch.


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So cute when asleep :-)

their default setting.

Cleo reminds me of a Goya painting here:

(Yes, there is an un-clothed version of this Maja. Google it yourself. :) )

GottaLove Cleo!!!!!!!

And Blaze in a box, and Tiger looking sweet and harmeless....

haha! I see it for sure. All three of them LOVE to wreck this table covering, they love the texture on their nails.

So much for scratching posts!
Maybe you can find a smaller version of that table covering and attach it to something for them to scratch.
Or just consider the shreddings part of the decor. :)

haha well, they use scratching posts too, and WRECK them lol. Cleo doesn't actually destroy the table covering, (s)he just sort of grips it and crumples it up around his head, hehe. I guess it feels good.

Hi @grapthar,

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