Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Just A Few Individual Shots of the Gang!

in #catslast year

Unfortuantely I wasn't home for most of the afternoon today, which is the best time lighting-wise to get cat photos in our house. I did manage a few before I left, and one when I got home, so each cat got one of their own. Not a huge win, but I'll take it! Enjoy!

Tiger up close.


Blaze in the sun.


Cleo looking very dignified.


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I love the white and black so well. Having a gagng of cats is a cool thing

hehe yea that's Cleo. I love her cow-print too.

Cleo! What a nice name for an adorable cat

Thanks! Yeah, queen Cleocatra!

Cleo looks funny with her eyes closed :-)

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