Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Caturday Photo Dump! Group Photo, Lots of Purrtraits, Bonus Kenji Shot, and Lots o' Cats in Boxes!

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Well, as today is the official weekly holiday for our feline friends, I figured it was only appropriate to get as many photos as possible today. I was able to capture the indoor-crew in various places; both Cleo and Blaze were obsessed with the shoe-box today, so of course I had to include those. I also got a nice shot of Kenji on the driveway this morning. She showed up around 8 AM and hung out until at least 2 or 3 in the afternoon, haha. Enjoy the photos!

Tiger chillin'. Blaze behind him.


Cleo napping on the towels.


Blaze in the shoebox.

10 BLAZE BOX.jpg

Later on, Cleo in the same box.


Tiger, close-up.


Blaze refusing to look at me, Tiger in the background.


Cleo stretchin' out on the table.


Kenji outside.


Tiger playing with a bag.

12 TIGER BAG.jpg

Group photo!


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I love the group photo and that of Kenji staying close to nature! Happy Sunday here!

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hehe yea she loves that bush, she sleeps there often.

The cat, they form fun and life in the world.

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Indeed they do!

Bunch of good snaps today :-)

Oh I love the group photos!!! And Blaze refusing to look at the camera, and Cleo in the box seems eager to join the competition now that I said Tiger is starting to rival Blaze. LOL! They're reading your comments, I swear!

hah, I know it's too hard for me to choose too. I do love that shot of Cleo though, she is the only one small/skinny enough to fit in that box with the top completely shut.

Hard to choose? Uh, dont you mean it's hard to capture the glory of any other cat when BLAZE is around? :) (I love them all, honest, but Blaze is the rock star, or the hero of a spaghetti Western - the Clint Eastwood of cats!)

hah, he makes it SO hard to take pictures of him. Blaze is the squirmiest of them all.

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