Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Barely Capturing a Group Shot, Plus Some Individuals of the Gang!

in #catslast month

I managed to get some interesting shots today, which was a nice change from the sleepy cat photos. Tiger didn't give me a lot of options, as he slept in a closet half of the day, but I did manage to get him in the group shot, and get the shot below, of him peering through the basket. I also got a funny shot of Cleo. He was hiding below the new chairs upstairs, but had his little hands sticking out from underneath, lol.

Enjoy the photos!

Tiger peering through a basket.


Blaze, doing his best to not look at the camera.


Cleo on the stairs.


Blaze on the chair... someone hiding out below...


Blaze, walkin' around.


Cleo, hiding-ish.


Group shot, super far apart.


Cleo stretched out on the stairs.


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