Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Happy Caturday One and All!

in #cats3 years ago

Not much to report, I did manage one shot of each today. I had to chase Blaze down, as it was Caturday and I couldn't not include him, but for most of the day he REFUSED to be photographed, turning his back to me or running off. I caught him relaxing on a table after dinner, so all was well in the end. Enjoy!

Cleo in the sun, chillin'.


Tiger in his basket.


Blaze on the table.


Blaze turning his back to me, today's M.O.


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Blaze even looks good from the rear :-)

haha, well I'm glad cause he likes to show off that side in photos.

Hi @grapthar,

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OMG Blaze

And little Tiger looking so sweet and innocent, and Cleo with her face split in half by those Black/White markings.... what a trio!

haha, yea I love the split face.

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