Curator Cat Considers: Oh, the Many New Tribes and Tokens!

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Greetings everyone!

Now that I am "back," I have decided that am going to expand a little bit on the whole "cat blog" thing. Which isn't to say that I'm going to stop posting cute cat pictures — it's still the same Curator Cat, here! — but I'm going to start exploring some other topics, as well.

What do You Mean, Curator Cat?

It has probably not escaped your attention that there are a myriad new "tribes" and associated "tokens" springing up, all over the place! When I checked my Steem-Engine wallet a week ago, there were on the order of twenty tokens in there, all airdropped from various projects! Wow!

In a pensive frame of mind!

What to do, what to do?

I suppose we could just ignore the whole circus, and just stick with the core Steem/Steemit... but is that the best thing to do?

I think not! Let's face it... even those of us who are "just here to have fun" still like to put a little something into this odd "savings account" we have here. And that's pretty much how I see things here... by SteemPower balance is pretty much a sort of Savings account I get to put something into — in the long run — as a sort of reward or "tips" for posting cat pictures.

But There Are so MANY!!!

Indeed, there are! Last I checked the Steem-Engine block explorer (which can be really hard to get to load!) there were over 400 tokens listed... many of them tied to "tribes" or communities.

How do you choose???

Looking out the window, thinking about things...

I haven't quite decided yet... but I am closing in on it!

As I see it, we can't effectively hope to be part of every promising idea that comes along. We'd just end up getting spread so thin that we'll not do well at ANYthing! And that defeats the whole purpose.

So then I decided to approach the situation more from the angle of what I am interested in and what resonates with me. Forget the whole trying to second guess which project will be "the most successful."

In general, projects that are successful are successful because the people involved are enthusiastic about what they are doing.

Process of Elimination

When I looked at tribes by what interests me, the field narrowed considerably! Then I added in whether or not I know (or, at least, am familiar with) those who are the driving force behind the tribes. Do they have a good reputation? What have they previously done for the community? Are they active? Do they seem to be ethical?

And so, I ended up with a "short list," after a fairly short process of elimination.

Helping the Hooman sort things in this bin!

I haven't decided 100% yet, and I am still pretty open to new ideas... but I have gotten far enough along to decide that I cannot reasonably expect to support and be active with more than five communities, tops. Anything more than that? I'll not have time... and it will start becoming too much of a "management nightmare."

So far, there are two I have fully committed to: PALnet — because the PAL (Peace, Abundance, Liberty) community is already one of the oldest here in Steemlandia... I not only "staked" the entire airdrop I got, but also bought and staked additional tokens to where I now have a little more than 1,100 PAL! It's a good start.

The other I am putting some weight behind is CreativeCoin because... well, I like doing creative things with photography and writing, and I really like the team behind the project. And what the hack... having a blog written from the perspective of a cat is pretty creative, in and of itself.

So, you'll see me use those two community tags quite often. There are others in the running, still, but those two are my starting play. I'll be writing more about this, in the weeks ahead!

Thanks, everyone, for reading! Which tribes and projects are YOU part of? And why?


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I agree with you @curatorcat; I like palnet and creative coin. My human mom and dad also recommend CTP as they like to work on improving themselves, and that's the thing behind that. MEOW!!

I'm looking at CTP as well @cottonlion, I did get a small airdrop from them.


We need to start a cat coin. It's 100 Eng to make a coin . I don't know what it will do but it would be better than most of those tribes.

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I think that's a fantastically 'Cat' idea! We do need a cat coin! MEOW!!

A cat coin! That's a great idea @crypticat! I'm sure the cat lovers of the community would go for that, particularly if it were a "reward coin" for cat content, rather than just a "general issue." I don't really know much about how that all works, though...