Ways Your Furry Feline Friend Shows You Love, Contributed by Anonymous

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Everyone's style of showing love and affection is different. A kid may show his love and affection by playing with you. A boyfriend may show his love by presenting a red flower to you or by taking you at lunch and parents show their love and affection by excessively caring about us and providing us the necessities of life.

But animals are different. They can't speak unlike humans. Therefore, if they want to show you how much they love you, then they must use different techniques to express their feelings. Sometimes, it is hard to identify if a certain action of your pet is a sign of showing love and affection or just a normal behavior of an animal.

If you have cats, it is important for you to learn how they show their love towards the owner. Cats are beautiful creations and their language of expressing is innocent and easy to understand. You must educate yourself the ways cats show love and affection towards the owner. In this article, we'll discuss some of those ways.

1 - Flipping their tail around


This can be a bit confusing for some cat owners because sometimes cats flip the tail out of their habit, but the majority of cats are seen to flip the tail around the owner. I think this proves that it is their way of expressing love and appreciation. It's a sign that both of you are friendly with each other and mean a lot to one another.

I have had a few cats in my life and I've only noticed this behavior with some cats . That's probably because each cat uses a different technique to show the love. If your cat doesn't flip her tail when she is around you, then don't worry, she may be using another way of showing love.

2 - Bringing gifts


Surprisingly, cats know that nothing amuses the mood than presenting a gift. Since cats are good hunters, they look around and find something that looks special to them and they grab that thing to bring it for you. If that's what your cat does, then you're very lucky because you've got a cat that appreciates you and loves you.

The gift can be anything. Cats are likely to hunt for a gift only if they are able to spend time outside. Otherwise, they understand that it makes little to zero sense to pick random things from the house and present them as a gift. So, make sure that you give enough room to your cat if you really want her to bring something for you like a mouse or a bird.

3 - Sleeping around you


One of the habits of cats is to sleep for sixteen hours every single day. They know that it's a huge timeframe and that's why cats tend to find the most secure place to sleep. Most of the time, you'll find your kitten curled up into a secure corner.

But the great part is, if your cat just chose to sleep around you then it simply means that cat finds themselves secure and trust you the most. Trust is one way of expressing love and affection, and cats know it.

These are top 3 ways cats show love and affection towards the owner. Of course, there are plenty of other ways but let's keep the list short and easy to read. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


We have a neighborhood cat who is so affectionate. Brings a lot of joy and happiness into our lives.

Most definitely

I love they way animals show their affection. Sometimes my cats is complaining the whole they, if she doesn't get her 15 minutes of cuddling.

Me too! I wish I could have a cat. My kids are allergic.

Maybe one day, just hoping for you. Those are a lot of work, but believe me or not, they are rewarding you so good

I still don't like cats. They scare the shit out of me

There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world, with approximately 40 recognized breeds.

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Can I translate your post? it's very nice

Love them, they bring such joy to our lives!

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