My Bubba Cat really does not like visitors - Short Video Clip!

in catfight •  last year

Yesterday I heard my dog barking, so I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. I heard a scream, it was a c-c-catfight!! Photo by Nick Thompson


I ran up to the commotion and to my surprise it looked like I now had two Bubba cats in the tree, however one of them was not liking his new mirror, so he told him to go! Watch the short video clip below.

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I am surprising and unbelievable Bubba cat talking and share feelings each others of both cats. Listen this sound them, real small baby`s voice. Nice catch @honusurf. You posted different style blog. Resteemed.

The cat is talking among themselves. In which a cat tells another cat. Hello cat how are you I'm fine

That would be awesome cat talking video upon the tree. Marvelous video

@honosurf, Very good video sharing by you. Totally better.
Thank you & upvoted.

Personally I hate cat flights! More than the fight they talk (probably argue) with each other in high pitch of sound! Anyway you made great photography and a video as well!


@honusurf - Oh Sir cats talks to each others looks like challenging.... Nice video & nice photography of it Sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

excellent photography & video of cat fight;) they talk to each others ;) impressive work @honusurf


Hello @honusurf,

Extraordinary good article with photography of cats fight at tree. Rare scenery & nice video of them.


nice post.
nice cat sir !!!

omg I played that video for Nani and she was talking and it sounded like they were speaking the same language. I have never heard a cat talk like that before. Cool video.


Same with my dog, she goes crazy when I play it. I just got a video of my dad playing it might use it for the trailor.