A Peek From Below & A French Mustache

in cat •  4 months ago

My lovely cat Mitzy decided to make this p.c glass table her new crib 😂

But she didn't realize everyone can see her "under-side* 🤣

And I used this funny lil' situation to take some "under-shots" - look 😋




All that was carefully monitored by my French Mustache Husky 😜


My girlfriend and I laughed for hours 🤣😂

We are soooo lucky to have them all 😊


LG G6+ Cam

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A Russian dog named Laika was the first animal in space, traveling around Earth in 1957.

Very beautiful cat and dog photo


Thank you dear 😊


Welcome 😱💞💞

Me gusta mucho tus fotos, saludos.


Muchas gracias amigo 😊

Oh What beauty Wonderful animals. Great. Beautiful photographs. I like ha ha ha ha.

Both of them are so cute!!


Yessss they are!!!! Thank you darling 😊