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Is this anybody's kitty??!! I have seen this cat around the neighborhood for years. She is a Huntress.

She is often stalking mice and voles from atop my fence and usually glares at me with an air of

"Stop bothering me! Can't you see I'm catching my dinner?"

But yesterday was a new one for me. I came home and climbed the stairs to the deck and who was sunning herself? yes, The Huntress. All friendly, purring, letting me pet her, winding around my legs. I couldn't believe it! Finally, a chance to see who this cat is. I took a look at her tag on her collar, but geez, no ID, just a vet tag saying she had her rabies shot in 2017 and was number 141.

I called the vet and gave the lady the # on the tag. She says
"just a minute, let me go through the numbers."

Well crikey! All the numbers were in order, listing the cats' names and their owners.

#138 Bootsie. Owners: Smith
#139 Maddog. Owners: Jones
#140 Sugar. Owners: Barnes
#142 Chachi. Owner: Lacey

What? No 141? It was totally missing. Very strange indeed. A cat, with a current vaccination from this particular vet, but no listing at the vet.

I was very tempted to just take this cat in. I kept looking out the window. She was just begging to come in. She actually walked along the deck rail and pawed at the window of the kitchen door! I couldn't let her in as long as I thought she really belonged to someone. She really was a bit of a plump one which made me think she ate lots of kibble along with the mice and voles.

a view through my window...quite plump with amazingly green eyes!
IMG_8979 (1).jpg

I snuck out the front door and did some errands. On return, the Huntress was gone.

Happy hunting everyone! and of course, happy gardening!


PS. On a gardening the first photo you can see the fattening-up of the lilac buds on my lilac tree! yes, there may still be snow, but SPRING IS COMING!!!

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You should know you are in the gardening state.
We are finally having some nice weather in Nebraska but more weather will be here soon.





hahah that cat seem to be in angry mood seems like she saw you posting this post ;p


Probably! She was definitely staring at me trying to will me to open the door!

The part that the cat was staring and saying "don't bother me, can't you see am trying to catch my meal" thats funny. Still wondering 141 tag had no name on it.


I know! The vet said they would look into the matter further and call me back, but I haven't heard anything yet.

The first true cats came into existence about 12 million years ago and were the Proailurus.


Wow! I did not know that! thanks, catfacts

hahha this really made my day awesome post of the day happy gardening :)

she is staring at me now i better run have a good time @gardenlady bye runnnnn



This is too cute haha
Love it!

I will start following you right now.
Your blog seems to be very interesting. :)


Hey thanks Jason!
I have to admit, it is pretty funny seeing this cat sit on my deck STARING into the he owns me!