Weekly Summary 07/09/18 to 07/15/18

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Weekly Summary 07/09/18 to 07/15/18


Week after week, we feel the need to bring you a summary report of the @castellano Witness, in which we hope to share all the activities and achievements that we reached over the week.


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As usual we made a translated version of our weekly summary on @castellano. Our goals is to get to more people and show all communities our weekly activities and achievements.

We mention a couple of weeks ago that we have some great news we wanted to share, so finally we released the post where we talk about the details of the @castellano alliance with the Steempress team. We tell you how are we going to act by now, who will be in charge of this huge responsibilities and how are we going to work with the new resources.

This post is very important to us, and we felt very proud to post it because it represents the culmination of a preparatory stage and the beginning of a new one, In wich we want to bring to life the ideas and the projects we have in mind, to benefit all of the spanish speaker community.


As we mention to you in our previous post, the chain experienced a fail in the security system and froze for some time. The problem was solved as fast as possible and right after, the platform had an update to witnesses could do it. We, as soon as we could, turn off our server, made the update and start making blocks as usual.

On the other hand, @miguelvargas, who is a member of the @castellano team, made an informative activity last friday, on the @reveur server on discord. On this activity he talk about the alliance with Steempress, the uses of wordpress, among others. Some representative faces of @reveur, @celfmagazine and @bebeth were there and talk about the future actions of their projects.

Post schedule

Day Activity
Monday weekly summary (spanish)
Tuesday Weekly Summary
Thursday New alliances. Good newses to the Spanish speaker community
Sunday weekly summary (spanish)


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