Moving Up The CashJuice Ranks!

Originally published in October 2018, during the CashJuice pre-launch phase.

One of the unique features CashJuice, which displays prominently on your dashboard, is the idea of a League Rank.

Designed as a method to promote and brand the affiliates who contribute to the platform thru their activity, the league rankings are currently based around 3 primary factors:

1. Hits to your link. At the moment, this is about how much are you promoting CashJuice using your affiliate link. There are plans to expand the tracking feature, along with the number of links you can promote.
2. Followers. Plain and simple, this is about how many people are following you. More on building followers below.
3. Referrals. How many active referrals do you have? Remember, when you refer someone to CashJuice, they automatically become one of your followers!

Build A Following

For the members of any social community, the following should come as no surprise.

The key is to:

  • regularly post quality content
  • leave positive and supportive comments on the posts of others and…
  • introduce yourself and welcome new members

Sound familiar?
Stay active and do a little bit of this everyday. Other people will notice!

Pro Tips

1. Check your feed regularly. Is there a post or person you like? Then leave a comment, or a like, or both. You can also share the post to your followers. This creates alot of goodwill. 🙂
2. Use the Post Rotator. Why just use the rotator to get free credits when you can you it to engage a whole new audience? This is a quick and easy way to find new people outside your feed that you may want to follow or connect with.
3. Nurture your affiliates. Follow, like, comment on, and share the posts of your referrals when they get started. Check their feed and connect regularly to help keep them motivated and engaged.

As of this writing, I am proud to have achieved #3 on the overall CashJuice rankings. The above actions are what I have done to achieve it! Hopefully, this helps you a bit you move up the ranks and to the top of the CashJuice leaderboards! 🙂


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Cashjuice and your personal tips for growing an account there...

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I have been a member of Cash Juice almost since it started and I have not been on it too much at all. I need to put some effort back into it. Thanks for sharing your progress.

Its good to see posts about cash juice because there are some people that are wondering what cash juice is

Great tips for using CashJuice Michael, keep them coming and stay awesome.