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Captain Hook because Peter Pan is a kidnapper. ;)


And a drug diller I guess.


100% I wouldn't trust some kid with magic dust.


I would like to try some of that stuff!


robin hut jeejejeje and peter pan I'm a bell
hello greetings from venezuela honey ,


Hola, saludos también para ti... Desde Lara, Venezuela


Captain can hook him up! :)

Captain Hook (although they always put these bad guys, and well they also have their fan club hahaha) and, ¿what people don't like Captains/Pirates?

Goku or Vegeta?

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan won in the end. He is a nice guy. So, my vote will go to him. I like movies on Peter Pan. They keep a children alive in me.

Peter may be able to fly but Hook’s got talents of his own. He can slow his fall and lift himself up in mid air, run on water and run in and out of a crocodile.

i like how smee started packing up ready to leave, as if he knew the pirates would be losing this match.

Peter dropkicking hook across the deck and the damn cannon busting his head in always got me laughing not the only DERN Sound but his face as he's laying there

Peace is better war Peter Pan you shouldn't fight Captan hook you should help him improve his behaviour

Peter is so handsome why they not make a episode in which peter kiss Wendy

Why is Peter Pan always flying???

Cause he Neverlands.

Captain Hook

I guess Peter pan? I liked the movie but never did find an attachments to the character

Peter Pan

Peter Pan because we all have moments when we don't act our age, and nobody should become part of the machine just because we have gotten a bit older.

Peter Pan because he can fly? Or was it because of the pixie dust

Peter Pan for sure!

But can I pick also that cute blond fairy in green dress?


Peter Pan, I'm not a gay who loves to be surrounded by a group of smelly guys

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Peter Pan has Tinkerbell so he gets the nod...

Once upon a time´s version of "CAPITAN HOOK!" of course ;)

Oh Peter Pan was my fav :)

Captain Hook.........he has a hook........come on......... how can you beat a HOOK! you can not.

captain hook because he is a pirate! peter pan is a child kidnapper!

It's sick not just good!

Peter pan because of he like a man like god

Peter pan because of he like a man like god

Peter Pan

Peter Pan