I'm a Bookwyrm - A #cartoon-off Contest Entry

in cartoon-off •  7 months ago

@linnyplant asked me to enter in this contest, and it seemed simple, so I decided to give it a try. I was totally at a loss of what to do (so much for simple :D), so I went with an art idea that I've had for a while.

Not the best example of a cartoon but it can fall in that category ;). I'd like to do a t-shirt design along this idea, with a bookwyrm in silhouette (someday).

Next time I'm doing a cartoon about how I barely make deadlines....

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Thank you for the smiles carn. ❤️

This was gorgeous to me, and of course it would be books with you. You need to post more, and you definitely need to share more of your artistic side. Stop neglecting your blog!

Edit: The competition is strong this round but good luck! Such a charming entry!

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