Why do Dapps need Cartesi?

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Cartesi solves many infrastructure problems of the blockchain and can enable a replacement wave of DApps that weren't possible before. It's quite an easy technology, but a flexible platform that will benefit blockchain applications, no matter the industry. we all know that recently the Chinese government has announced a series of blockchain strategies to explore more business possibilities with different industries. Cartesi may be a friendly platform that matches this trend.


No software application is made in isolation. Mainstream mobile/desktop/web Applications today depend upon multiple software dependencies that took decades to mature on operating systems like Linux. Cartesi brings Linux to blockchain applications. Whereas without Cartesi, blockchain applications cannot use mainstream software, libraries, and services, unless they sacrifice decentralization in how.

Besides being hampered by insufficient software infrastructure, decentralized applications also suffer tight on-chain processing limits. So, they will hardly offer a compelling alternative to mainstream centralized applications. they're often hard to create, being clunky and limited for developers and DApp users.

Cartesi solves these three problems by:

  1. offering developers the software and tools supported by a full Linux OS;

  2. moving off-chain all the heavy computation over large amounts of knowledge , that blockchains cannot do;

  3. offering services and a behavior therapy that permits users to securely believe the network and remain free from inconveniences of blockchain tech (e.g. slow confirmation times, the need to stay online to resolve disputes, and others).

It's hard to imagine a future for decentralized applications without the infrastructure that Cartesi brings to the ecosystem. Cartesi exists to supply the infrastructure for decentralized applications that are easier for developers to create and with a user experience like Internet applications.

About Cartesi: Cartesi allows developers to use Linux and mainstream software stacks to build scalable and more powerful DApps.
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