Women drivers in Saudi Arabia.steemCreated with Sketch.

in cars •  3 months ago

There must be a reason ...


why it has been illegal for so long.

'That R on the gear stick over there means ...
Reverse and not Racing, woman!'

Mostly desert and
less than 17 days of sporadic rainfall

No further ...

sources: pinterest.com & pixabay.com


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That 4th car brings the term 'Ghostriding' to a whole new dimension.


It sure does.

I don't know how could fall there

i mean the size of car and the angle of that road is evident. Regards

Picture that cought my eye most is the first one. The street’s design is to blame. I’m sure the driver blamed the street when it happened.


Still, if you're a bit experienced driver you should take very well into consideration the size of your car.


Maybe HE ( the driver ) had difficulty with size, size does matters .... When taking about cars OFFCOURSE 😉


And if it was indeed a HE, it seems to me he had a lot to compensate ...


If it was a SHE she was overweight Thats for sure

Als echt waanzinnige auto liefhebster zeg ik natuurlijk :

that multitasking that we always claim to do so well doesnt always work out that good dude :D

@smasssh zalig om de boerka auto moest ik toch ook hard lachen, misschien iets voor wilders dan hoeft hij geen beveiliging niet meer rofl

That first one had me cracking up

Hahahahaha!!!!! C'om @smasssh, You can't blame them, they were denied to drive for a very long time, so now they are finding it difficult to learn easy because their ban affected their psychology.

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

All women drivers like this. If woman in front of me. take care my self :D


You need to have eyes in your back. 😊

Last car selection deserve to hijab ladies. They can ride speedy without permission police is SA.

Your idea is cool my friend .
Thanks for sharing your idea @smasssh

Saudi Arabia riches peoples use a lot of branded cars...with hit tech modification...