Check out this Radically Modified 1978 HZ Holden Premier ute.

in #cars3 years ago

Check out this awesome 1978 HZ Holden Premier ute, she has been Radically Modified into a 4WD.





I hope you enjoyed my car pictures and thanks for visiting.


That’s a big set of wheels. Thanks mike

Sure is Mike, thanks for stopping by mate cheers.

Nice monster truck, I like the green @silverbug. :-)

Looks pretty cool doesn't it mate, cheers.

That looks weird being that high of the ground!

Yeah it would be hard to climb into with a few under your belt, Lol, cheers lyrica.

Nice car for Hulk to do his groceries :-)

Lol, yeah but he would have to sit in the back to drive it, cheers mate.

I like the registration... ate my veg... lol

It should be V ate my veg, Lol cheers mate.

It's been beefed up😎

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Just a tad mate cheers.

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