Any Morris Minor fan out there.

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Check out these cool Morris Minor's. The first Morris Minor was launched in 1948 to 1971, there was 1,368,291 cars produced and the engine was a 918 cc Morris Sidevalve.












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I love these Morris Minors, they are so cute.


Yeah they sure are.

Sweet little cars.


Good reliable cars too, cheers.

They are very British.


Indeed they are dear chappie, cheers.

Nice cars! How it was called the estate?


Thanks, what do you mean by estate?


I mean the Station Wagon or whatever is called worldwide!


OK, yes we call them a station wagons here in Australia too, cheers.


That's a awesome looking car, thanks for that, cheers.

Wao these cars are amazing, I am just surprised about these cars because, cars models are very old but these cars are looking in very new condition.


They have been well looked after, that's for sure, cheers.

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