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The Skoda Scala, the family hatchback with fair bit of practicality.

The Scala is a brand new model and replaces the Rapid and Spaceback, it comes with a range of Petrols and a Diesel with manual or DSG.

The model we have is the SE, the middle of the range, saying that it still has LED basic headlamps which are automatic.

Our model is powered by a 1L TSI petrol turbocharged engine which is coupled to a 6 speed manual gearbox.

The price starts at a crazy £16,500 for an S model, there is also an SEL too, no vRS as yet.

The car as standard is well kitted out, and you can add a no. options to your model including active cruise, rear design pack even LED rear lenses.

The Scala handles well is punchy with the engine we tested and with SEL you can even get driving modes with chassis control.

A great car with cool Skoda additions such as the Umbrella in the door.

Our car with options was just under £20,000.

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