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Now you have already seen the Concours video, however you haven't seen one of our highlights fo the event.

Each year Harry Metcalfe showcases a few of his cars, this year it was his supercar collection, and with it some rather cool eighties and nineties supercars.

Now if you're wondering who Harry is? He's the guy that founded Evo magazine and is a consultant for SVR.

Some of his cars you may have already seen featured on The Grand Tour and Top Gear.

This year the cars featured were Jaguar, Lamborghini and Porsche to mention a few.

Harry Metcalfe has every car you can possibly think of our or at least a number of them including a Tomb Raider Land Rover and a Clio Cup.

As you can see when you walk up to these vehicles they are exceptionally well looked, many concours condition.

Models on display included Zonda C12, Bugatti EB110, Testarossa and a Diablo, now you've already seen Concour of Elegance, as you can see its well worth attending.

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Harry is one of my favourite car journalists and personality in the auto industry.

Such a cool fellow and a true enthusiast.

Thanks for sharing, @planetauto!

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He was at this event, and i spoke to him on the LIVE i put out on yt, thank you

Cheers! I'll keep my eye out for that.

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