Concours of Elegance 2018 at Hampton Court London

in cars •  3 months ago

First on our Events Tour in our first Honda review car, the Jazz Sport VTEC was the outstanding Concours of Elegance at the rather regal Hampton Court.
This is the automotive event you visit if you want to see the finest cars in the world, many of the vehicles on display had just returned from Pebble Beach.
After a quick wander, we were met by the tones of an almighty McLaren F1 GTR LM revving connected to a 90's laptop, that video and story is tomorrows gem.
There modern cars, classics, vintage, bespoke even new hyper models.
There were two vehicles we really wanted to see, those were the Rolls Royce Sweptail and the McLaren Senna, there were 2 Senna cars and the Sweptail was in pride of place infront of the Palace, we also have a video of that too, that's Wednesday's story.
Harry's Garage was a highlight with over double the amount of cars on display, you guessed it we have a video of that too.
This years event had a stand where various concours models would drive in and would chat to a host about there vehicles one that caught our eye was the Ford GT40.
There was models from Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, MG, Lagonda, BMW, Ferrari and many more as well as coach builders Bertone, Zagato, Pinin Farina etc.

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Thank you very much for the awesome tour around! From super rere classics to a little bit of tunning, definitely earns a resteem, steem on! :)


It’s well worth visiting, and every year there are new things, cars, stands, - A great place to see some of the rarest cars, thank you.

So many beautiful cars (Senna, the new Rolls...). Thanks for the walkaround.


Your welcome, we are in a position where we can share with automotive enthusiasts places and events they may not get chance to visit due to distance etc, well worth a trip include Goodwood and Blenheim too, thank you.

An awesome day i see.


Oh yes, seeing the Sweptail and chatting to the guy who looks after it made it an event to remember, thank you.