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The BMW X7 - luxurious, powerful and surprisingly economical with the right engine.

Ours isn't economical however with Quad turbo 3 Litre in-line six cylinder which develops 760 Newton metres of torque, you wouldn't expect it to be.

This is one beast of an SUV it's also the largest of the BMW SUV range and is 36 cm longer than an X5.

The X7 is built on the underpinnings of the 7 series and the X5.

It has comfortable air suspension and each vehicle has an eight speed automatic gearbox and is four-wheel-drive to.

It's not particularly loud unless you floor and then it becomes noticeably loud but that's what you want.

It comes standard as a 7 seater, all electrically operated and heated, there's luxury materials everywhere, soft close doors and even a sunroof at the rear and who can forget 5 zone climate control.

Offroad, okay it's no green liner but it'll still get you down some pretty rocky trails and you'll be in comfort as you do it comfort, it literally glides with that suspension, yet can be relatively engaing considering its size.

Our model was around £86,000

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